The BPD Tool

OOPS! The BDP tool no longer exists. However there are still some other resources on the BPD tool site:

Beside offering training courses, Carol Vivyan has developed visually-oriented educational handouts and cognitive behavior therapy forms for professional and  for clients. Examples of these handouts can be found at the links below so you can get a taste of what is available on the website.

I hope you will find these as helpful and refreshing as I did!

This is New!
Michelle and Carol have created a new tool they call, 'The Decider.' I've been referring to it as a 'DBT Quick Reference Card.' I love it because all the skills are right there on one sheet. In their practices, they use the tool by printing it 2-sided on one sheet of paper and laminating it. You could do the same thing because they're offering it here as a free download. Since it's still in the experimental stages, if you would like to make a comment about it, you could do so by emailing Michelle.

In her words:
'It is a resource for people who have gone through DBT skills training. We have linked it to our new DBT based skills group and The BPD Tool here in Guernsey [UK] and plan to give one as a double sided laminated sheet to each client.

In practical terms: We will present a range of scenarios with clients and then demonstrate how they might use 'The Decider' to access the skills they have been taught in the group.

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