Tami Green

As a coach and professional speaker, Tami Green has been described as "inspiring, intelligent and intuitive" by Martha Beck, America's foremost life coach, best-selling author and O Magazine columnist.

Her long list of credentials include Martha Beck Life Coach certification, NAMI Peer-to-Peer and NAMI Connections certification, DBSA Support Leader training, DBT skills training with Behavioral Tech, Harvard Medical School/McLean Hospital Institute for Coaching education and Mentalization Therapy training, countless hours of coaching experience and inspirational speaking to large and small groups.

The following articles are copyrighted by Tami Green and reprinted with permission. For more information about Tami and to read more of work, go to

Are Borderlines more Passionate?
Borderline Personality Disorder Relationship Recovery 101
How it Feels to be Inside My Brain
Twelve Good Mood Builders for Christmas
How BPD Forms in a Child (YouTube video)

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