Reviews for 'Buddha and the Borderline'

by Kiera Van Gelder

The Buddha and the Borderline is a cross between Girl,  Interrupted and Bridget Jones Diary.While reading it, I found myself admiring Kiera's talent for vividly describing borderline hopelessness and pain while keeping me laughing with her tales of life as a lonely and  increasingly horny receptionist. While this book has something for  everyone, Kiera's detailed  account of how she recovered from this deadly disorder will be enormously inspiring to people with  borderline personality disorder and their family members.
-- Randi Kreger, author of Stop Walking on  Eggshells and The Stop Walking on Eggshells Workbook

With wit, clarity, and candor bout her sex life, Kiera  chronicles her coping with the pain and emptiness of borderline personality disorder while proving that the road to recovery is usually  under construction.
-- Jim Payne, board member of the National Alliance on Mental Illness

Kiera creates a window into the soul of one coming to grips with severe mental illness. Fully exposed, she shows us the pain, pleasure,  and finally, the redemption of the borderline experience. Her gripping story sheds new light upon one of the most misunderstood and stigmatized  of all human conditions, and for that, I am deeply grateful. Her words will quite possibly be  shocking to some, but will validate and comfort those with the disorder and those who are trying to understand them. Welcome to our world: the pain, shame, and pleasure, and then, finally, the insight and skill-building that leads to healing, love, and happiness. Kiera captures the experience brilliantly.
-- Tami Green, internationally recognized speaker, life  coach and advocate for those in recovery from mental illness

The Buddha and the Borderline is a strikingly candid and  comprehensive account of the author's personal experiences of the effects of borderline personality disorder spanning more than two  decades. Van Gelder is a very well informed, engaging, and talented writer. She reveals the  multiple and complex symptoms of borderline disorder as manifested in  her life with great honesty, revealing the devastating pain with moving and insightful vignettes that are tempered on occasion with a finely tuned sense of humor. This is a must-read for people with this disorder, their families and loved ones, and mental health professionals.
-- Robert O. Friede,MD, author of Borderline Personality Disorder Demystified

The Buddha and the Borderline is a masterpiece. Kiera shares her  road to recovery in a captivating way that brings a unique understanding to a confusing, challenging, and controversial disorder. Having the privilege to personally know Kiera, I applaud her on so many levels, least of all this must-read book. She is an inspiration to all who strive and  hope for recovery from  borderline personality disorder.
-- Perry D. Hoffman Ph.D., president of the National Education Alliance for Borderline Personality Disorder (NEA-BPD)

Kiera's book is destind to become a classic in the growing literature on borderline personality disorder. I expected to get a  somber account of a transformation from suffering to enlightenment,but the book I read was not only entirely entertaining and revealing, but also had me up way past my bedtime in stitches. The Buddha and the  Borderline is seriously funny, authentic, and sublime in its wisdom. The book embodies the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism and integrates the world of core unrelenting suffering with the world of freedom from suffering. Transcendentstuff.
Blaise Aguirre,MD, medical director of the Adolescent Dialectical Behavior Therapy Residential Program at McLean Hospital in Belmont, MA


The Buddha and the Borderline by Kiera Van Gelder is captivating, literary, and insightful. Van Gelder's use of metaphor enhances the haunting nature of her journey through life. As I read the book, I  recognized her pain, and cheered her on. Her insights led me to a better understanding of myself and the nature of borderline personality disorder.
-- Lisa Dietz, owner of

The Buddha and the Borderline is a gripping, authentic, and ultimately inspiring portrayal of one woman's triumph over borderline personality disorder. An intriguing, riveting, and compelling read, the  depth and complexity of both character and story are to be savored. Kiera Van Gelder has shared the private depths of her heart and soul and, in doing so, has bestowed upon the reader a great and sacred gift.
-- Roy Krawitz, author of Borderline Personality  Disorder: The Facts

A very educational and insightful look into the inner world of borderline personality disorder and its treatment. Kiera Van Gelder's witty tone and engaging journey brilliantly chronicles the dialectic of  profound suffering and how that suffering can be transformed into a life worth living.
-- A.J. Mahari, author of Life Coach and Mental Health  Coach

Out of a profoundly painful experience, Kiera Van Gelder has written a brave and hopeful book exploring her recovery from borderline personality disorder. Kiera's story will undoubtedly touch countless lives and be a source of inspiration to those who have been diagnosed  with borderline personality disorder, their families, and the mental health professionals who play a crucial role in the complex nexus of education, treatment, and support. The Buddha and the Borderline is a compelling and invaluable narrative for anyone wanting to learn more  about the difficult, yet ultimately rewarding, process of recovery.
Amanda L. Smith, Florida Borderline Personality  Disorder Association

Kiera Van Gelder's The Buddha and the Borderline is a remarkably clear, coherent, and candid description of the author's turbulent  internal world and chaotic life, as well as a mental health system that  can be inconsistent and contradictory. As she searches for a path to recovery, she finds that the way has not been well established and  shares her journey of building the very road that she wishes to travel.  This groundbreaking book provides a much-needed and highly personal  example of how recovery can occur, making it a very generous and  significant contribution to the field.
-- Seth R. Axelrod, Ph.D., associate professor in the department of psychiatry at Yale University School of Medicine
With a unique blend of wit and raw honesty, Kiera Van Gelder draws her readers into the world of borderline personality disorder.  Seeing Kiera's roller coaster of emotions and experiences helps those of us without borderline view the world through the eyes and mind of  someone grappling with an illness that can be devastating. Her constant hard work toward recovery can open minds and doors, helping to eliminate the stigma attached to borderline personality disorder and serve as a  beacon of hope to those living with it.
Jennifer Fisher, mental health patient advocate and former manager of the  Borderline Personality Disorder Resource Center

Brilliant and illuminating. Kiera Van Gelder pulled herself out of the devastation that is borderline personality disorder, an illness so difficult, most  therapists won't treat it. Her  remarkable journey to find stability and purpose in her life is insightful and inspiring.
Bill Lichtenstein, president of Lichtenstein Creative  Media in Cambridge, MA

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