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I use the title, Questions and Answers loosely. It's really about my responses to emails from people talking about their difficulties with DBT. Since I'm not a professional, I can't give anyone advice that is medically accurate. These are my opinions based on my personal experience with applying the DBT skill to my life. Everyone has their own truth. These answers are about what works for me. Take what you can from it, but don't take it literally.

For the sake of privacy, I have summarized the email questions rather than copy them word-for-word.


Self-trust is the first secret of success.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Q & A Topics

Being Effective

Being Weird


Clash between DBT & Therapist

Combating Fear



Diary Cards


Emotionally Unavailable People

Feeling Good




Invalidating Environments



Searching for Wise Mind



Wise Mind

Work Travel and Co-workers

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