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THE MINDFULNESS MOVIES FROM “INSTANT MINDFULNESS” are available as a stand-alone version when you make a donation of $20 or more. These movies may not be reverse-engineered or distributed for profit. Under no circumstances should they be exhibited without providing authorship to Lisa Dietz. These movies are intended for private use. They may also be used by DBT therapists and clinics to show their clients and colleagues. However, do not make copies and distribute them among the DBT community. I have very few ways of recovering my expenses on this website, so if others are interested, please ask them to donate to the site and I will send them their own copy. I appreciate your ethical values in complying with these rules.

Compiling Website Materials
Under no circumstances may the materials on this website be compiled into book format or used to propogate the content of a software program.

If you are interested in compling the materials in this way, you must contact
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You may freely print, make copies, attach to emails and distribute the following, but please note the author’s name if there is one:

Diary Cards
Q and A
Flash Cards

From within the Extras subsection:
Visual Affirmations
Cheerleading Statements
Response to Emotions graphic
Mindful with Emotions graphic
Improve the Moment Worksheet
Panic List
Cognitive Distortions
Behavior Chain Analysis
Ways to Deal with People in Crisis
Foods for Moods
Alternate Rebellion
Dealing with Overwhelm
BPD Criteria

You may print & make copies for yourself or your DBT group (whether you are a participant or professional) if you first ask permission from the author:

All Documents in the
Well Said section

From within the Extras subsection:
Another Perspective
The Day After DBT

Do Not Reproduce
You MUST obtain permission from the publishers to use Elf Help or The BPD Tool before reproducing these materials in any manner. All of these documents are copyrighted.

The Articles by Professionals
All the articles that have been written by professionals are copyrighted by the authors and reprinted here by permission. To use those articles for distribution, you must write to the individual authors for permission.

Well Said!
Please note that all the authors represented in this section have links back to their websites. Although they usually allow their writing to be distributed, please check with them first. Most of these authors have published books so they may have individual copyright rules from their publishers. In all circumstances, please note the name of the author and the website from which they originate.

Author Articles
Please let me know if you’re using my articles and note my name & website.

The DBT Skills and Lessons
Although there are no authors listed on these materials, I request that you note the source: You may distribute them as hard copies without permission.

Everyday DBT
Within the Everyday DBT are many types of materials that someone my use on a daily basis to help themselves on their journey with DBT as well as a subsection called Extras. Please click this link to learn how you can use or distribute these materials.

DBT Video Text
Make sure to include links to Marsha Linehan if you use these materials.

Copying and Pasting the files on this Website into Your Website or Blog
As an online resource, you may not copy any of the materials to another website or blog. Instead, you are free to add links from your website to

Do Not Reproduce in any way
You MUST obtain permission from the publishers to use Elf Help or The BPD Tool before reproducing these materials in any manner. All of these documents are copyrighted.

Do not print, copy or distribute without first contacting me to arrange an agreement:

The Self Help Myth
DBT in Motion

These documents are printed here without permission because I could not find the author. It is therefore best not to copy them.

The Brain & Meditation
Does DBT Cure BPD?