Interpersonal Effectiveness Handout 1

Situations for Interpersonal Effectiveness

Attending to Relationships

Don’t let hurts and problems build up.
Use relationship skills to head off problems.
End hopeless relationships.
Resolve conflicts before they get overwhelming.

Balancing Priorities vs. Demands

If overwhelmed, reduce or put off low-priority demands
Ask others for help; say no when necessary.
If you don’t have enough to do, try to create some structure and responsibilities; off to do things

Balancing the Wants-to-Shoulds

Look at what you do because you enjoy doing it and “want” to do it; and how much you do because it has to be done and you “should” do it. Try to keep the number of each in balance, even if you have to:

  • Get your opinions taken seriously.
  • Get others to do things
  • Say no to unwanted requests.
  • Building Mastery and Self-Respect

    Interact in a way that makes you fell competent and effective, not helpless and overly dependent.
    Stand up for yourself, your beliefs and opinions; follow your own wise mind.