Opposite Action Part 4

Part Four: Summary

Ok.  So that's it. That's the skill of opposite action. So let's review, one more time, the steps of opposite action.  So review it with me.

Step 1:  Figure out what emotion are you experiencing?  So figure that out first.

Step 2:  Figure out what is the action of the emotion. In other words, ask yourself 'What's the emotion trying to get me to do?'

Step 3:  Ask yourself, 'Do I really want to reduce this emotion?'  It's going to be hard to do opposite action if you don't want to reduce the emotion.  So assuming that you say 'Yes' you want to reduce that emotion., then you go to...

Step 4:  And you have to figure out what is the opposite action.  What's the action opposite to the action of the emotion? So those are the first for steps. And then the...

Step 5:  In some ways the most important step, of course, is that you actually have to do the opposite action.

Now the only way to really learn opposite action in such a way that it works, is to practice.  Ok, so you've got to practice, practice, practice.  It's like, well, it's like anything.  It's like learning golf; it's like learning to play the piano; it's like learning math; it's like learning any skill.  It just requires practice.

Now some people when they are practicing find it really helpful to write down, like a little diary... So you could write down these steps and say, 'Step 1' and write out the answer.  'Step 2' write out the answer, 'Step 3'... and so on. And other people, you know, that doesn't help them at all.  And they don't like writing it out.  And that's fine too. 

Now if you do that, what you should see over time, over days or over weeks, is you ought to be able to see the emotion going down. 

Now, practice and I'm almost certain that this will work for you.  But, I'd actually, to be frank with you, like to find out if it worked for you.  So if you've got this tape, you've probably got my email.  If you've got my email, send me an email 'cause I'm dying to know whether it works or it doesn't work. 

I hope you enjoyed this tape.  I hope you enjoy this skill.  I know it's really hard at the beginning. Lots of people hate it at the beginning. Most people love it after they keep doing it. 

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