Mindfulness Video Part 8

Part Eight: Conclusion

So let's look at all the skills together now. 

So what are the 'what' skills? Observing. Describing.  Participating.  Now remember when you are practicing, do those one at a time.  Practice observing; practice describing; practice participating. 

And what are the 'how' skills? There are three 'how' skills.  Non-judgmentally. One mindfully. Effectively. The 'how' skills you can do all at once.  So you can non-judgmentally, effectively, only observe. You can non-judgmentally and effectively only describe. And you can non-judgmentally, effectively, only participate.

Now that's actually the goal.  The goal, for all of us, is to get to the point where we can participate in our own lives.  Without judging.  In the present with awareness. And effectively. So that's the goal of all this practice. 

Remember at the beginning of this program when I asked you if you were free, or if you wanted to be free? Mindfulness will set you free. The most amazing thing about mindfulness is that if you practice it intentionally and regularly in your life, you'll find that you'll start living in the moment.  You'll find that freedom comes your way.  And when you're freely living life in the moment, the moment will crack open.  The moment cracks open and you'll find joy.

Now. What do you think? Are you going to practice these skills?  I hope you do.  And if you do, I hope that you'll send me an email 'cause I'd love to hear from you.

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