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Letters from DBT Clients
Email 1
I "stumbled" upon your website tonight.  I was in crisis mode, felt out of control, felt like I was going to have a relapse, strongly tempted to act out, hurt myself.  But I watched your radical acceptance video on Instant Mindfulness.  I made myself be willing, even though I didn't want to.  I didn't want to feel like this either.
Before the video was over, my crisis was "over".  I had planned to email a friend - to vent  and reach out for help.  But I didn't need to anymore.  I had done this on my own, of course, with the help of your amazing website. 
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.  Your website is now listed in my favourites.  I will be coming to it daily.  I am going to take care of ME, right now and go to sleep.

Email 2
I just wanted to say a huge thank you for creating such an amazing site. I have been in DBT for 12 weeks and have found it really confronting and overwhelming.
This site has explained the skills in a much simpler way and helped me to understand them.
I am going to recommend this site to my group next session.
Thanks again. You've done a fantastic job!

Email 3
I don't even know where to begin Lisa your website is absolutely amazing. I went to chapters today to look for a DBT book that would come close to replacing my missing course book from when I did DBT I have recently moved and there is no mental health support out here and I have been falling to horrible self harm patterns. I know that I am better than that and deserve better and I wanted to go through all the DBT stuff that I had been ignoring for some time. Thanks to you I have re-created my DBT binder and it is even better than I remember from the group I was in.

Email 4
I came upon your site today when I needed it most. It is such a wonderful place, filled with information, hope, and practical approaches to calming the mind. You have done a wonderful thing by sharing what you have learned and what you struggle with in the learning process.
Thank you for the information, your experience, and the comfort I found through what you have shared on your web site.

Email 5
I called a suicide crisis center last night and the counselor I spoke to told me about DBT... I've been awake since 2 a.m. (when I made the call), researching it and in doing so, came across your website... thank you for doing this work... it's extremely helpful... extremely so.
Thank you. Bless you....

Email 6
I wanted to comment on how awesome the mindfulness videos were and how useful they have become. I was in DBT therapy in Seattle when I was 15 and 16, and back then I was not sure if it actually helped but now being 21, and going through a stage where DBT is actually more beneficial, I came across your website and was amazed at how much information I could get. Your website has helped me so much, I always try to watch the videos if I notice I'm feeling out of control, and need to breathe, so I really just wanted to say thank you.

Email 7
I love love your website. What an inspiration! It's the only thing out there that gave me hope. You're the first live person I've connected with that is committed to DBT approaches.
I've signed on to the DBT course, but I'm not sure if it's exactly for me since I'm a family member of someone with BPD
Thanks again for extending yourself. Your website is a miracle.

Email 8
I have enjoyed your site very much! As a former DBT client and now mental health professional, I applaud your effort in getting DBT info out to the world. :)

Email 9
I have been in a DBT class for about six month now. I have learned a kinder more gentle way of living. I know I live with both anxiety and depression. Learning mindfulness has given me a tool to slow my mind down. I also find that it helps me focus on one thing at a time which I thought it would never work because, I have ADD tendencies and Cerebral Palsy? Thank You for your willingness to keep this web site going.

Email 10
I am 29 years old. I came from Russia in 1991 and have been residing in Phila, PA since. I have been diagnosed with BPD about 2 years ago and currently taking DBT classes.
Today, I happened to find your website and was amazed with how helpful it is. Usually when I start reading something, my mind just wonders away after a few min, however this time I was reading and relating to your issues. For ex, Q and A section.
Thank you for having this website available for others and inspiring to move forward.

Email 11
Your journey and the willingness, effort and care taken in making [this website] available has really helped me.  I've stumbled through so many stages in my effort to climb out of the effects of abuse and neglect.  I am glad to say that I can look back and see the progress I've made, it makes the horizons problems more doable.  However, there was an 'invisible' snag that always tripped me up.  I realized last week that it was because I never learned to self soothe.  It sounds so simple now that I can see what it is, however the application is not so simple.  I am excited about having 'caught' this illusive monster, but the adventure begins now when it's screaming and I must employ the new skills.
Anyway, just wanted to say thanks, not enough intensity in those words to relate what I'm feeling, but please be encouraged that your experiences, efforts and bravery have positively affected my life.  Being free is a step by step process, like the well you described.  You helped me past a big snag on the way.

Email 12
A warm hello and many thanks for setting up an amazing website on DBT. I appreciate all the effort you put into it, ease of use and the superbly logical manner in which you present information.
I am 42 and I live in Vancouver, Canada. I led a busy corporate life until 2 years ago when I got seriously injured in a car accident. I've been struggling with PTSD and my therapist recommended DBT, which is how through google chance, I came upon your website.
Many thanks for all the good work, and may life be wonderful to you.

Email 13
I've found your web site through a connection with a DBT skill provider. I have been perusing your site, and have found it to be absolutely perfect for helping me. Currently, I was about to build my own pocket book for the skills AND I discovered that you have already done it!!
So, now I'm printing it out to carry with me everywhere. Then, I won't get lost with remembering the acronyms...I am so grateful for the amount of information you have provided and that I have finally figured out why and HOW I kept getting lost with my emotions and thoughts. I have known for years something was wrong.
Now, I'm on the path to healing. Thank you for putting yourself and all this information out there. Healing is a great thing.

Letters from DBT Professionals
Email 1
I have a client who is really being stressed by a sister who just moved into her parent's house with her and her son.  This sister is really out of control and verbally abusive.  My client is really being skillful.  She uses her skills and when the sister gets really out-of-control, she takes her son and they go into their bedroom and do self-soothing things.  One of the things they do at times like this is your 'Be a Tree'.  As they watch, they move their arms like trees swaying in a breeze.  It's her son's favorite (he's 4).  Every night before bed, they watch one of your flash videos, most often the tree one.  When she's struggling with her sister, she will watch the radical acceptance one and allow herself to feel the sorrow.
All of the therapists at my office now require all of our clients, not only the BPD ones, to watch at least one instant mindfulness weekly.  My DBT clients are required to watch one per day (minimum).  You need to make more!  I'm even giving out your website to case managers for their own use.

Email 2
Your website provides a fantastic service! Thank you and congratulations!
And I'm even more impressed after seeing the video on Radical Acceptance.
Kudos & thanks: I've sent word to other therapists that this is available to folks.

Email 3
Thankyouthankyouthankyou I use your web page lots!!!

Email 4
Hi Lisa, just want to let you know how valuable your site is. Great job!

Email 5
Everyone at my company loves your website and we're using it a lot!  I have to share with you a cool story.  One of my clients who is really dedicated to practicing her DBT skills daily spends a lot of time on your website daily.  She went into one of the programs our state offers for the seriously mentally ill and another lady walked in who was very dysregulated.  My client stopped her, set her down at the computer, and took her to your website.  She took her through one of your instant mindfulness [movies] and the woman was able to relax and calm herself.  I was so proud of my client.
Just thought you would enjoy hearing how many people your website is touching just in my little world.

Email 6
I just wanted to compliment you on your work on the site. This is such an outstanding resource. As a consulting psychologist who helps people achieve happiness and success at work and life, I try to provide the right resources and information to each client. I teach a lot of my clients basic self-management and relationship-management strategies, but if they are struggling with more severe emotional disturbance, I refer them for therapeutic care. Your site will help me educate people about DBT and to be more comfortable obtaining those services.
Again, my thanks and congratulations on your significant contribution to health and wellness. The world needs more of your generosity.

Email 7
I just wanted to tell you what a terrific site you have. I can see you put a lot of work into it. I am a DBT clinician in Oregon and have recommended your site to the people who are in the DBT program (both clients and clinicians). I really like your adapted diary cards.  Thanks for doing this!

Email 8
Thanks for your clear writing and wonderful website.
In case you don't know, your site has gotten several plugs on the official weblist for DBT intensively trained clinicians including from me. I hope the plugs will help make it possible for you to keep it up.
Marsha does the thinking. Someone else needs to do the writing for those who do not believe academic psychologese is normal English.

Email 9
I teach DBT, a little unconventionally, but with lots of success.  Several participants in my classes have referred me to your site this past year, and I just want to compliment you on it.  I will be including a page from your site in my handout so that they can all easily refer to it.  Keep it up, and thanks!

Email 10
Thank you for your dedication to getting the information out to providers regarding DBT. I have adolescents in a clinical treatment home who will be attending a DBT group and I am trying to educate my staff re: DBT so they can support and reinforce the skills the adolescents will be learning. I have had some training with the Linehan's in the past and you have helped hone some of my rusty skills. Have a great day!!!

Email 11
I work in a psych hospital, acute care, adolescence unit.  I am currently being trained in DBT and have been searching the Internet for mindfulness videos.  The videos I found on the self help site are the best I have found, I see then not only as useful tools for ending my DBT groups but also as inspirational and motivating (for myself!).
I work with so many adolescences with BPD and who are suicidal I truly feel that these videos can be very helpful to them.  Your site is also one that I will defiantly put in my patients toolbox when they are discharged!
Thank you so much for your contribuation to helping others.

Email 12
Your website is continuing to get used.  All the therapists in my office send their clients there.
Yesterday I was talking about breathing and several clients reported that their therapist sends them to your website.  One client, this is an anxiety group, said that it was easy at first but each time he does it, it gets harder.  Upon investigation I learned that his mind is trying to guess what will come up next and he's getting anxious about being right.  Next week we're going to focus on what it means to stay present in the 'now' and let go of what slide might come up next.  I'm going to purposely use your breathing [Instant Mindfulness movie] for this.

Email 13
Thank you so much for providing this website. I have been visiting and benefiting from it for some time. The material is awesome. You have done a wonderful job of making Marsha Linehan's material user friendly.
I am a DBT skills trainer, but also depend on the skills to keep myself regulated in both my personal and work life. I am currently filling in for the regular trainer in a program that applies DBT skills to employment retention. I am using your lessons on mindfulness today, and just wanted to say thanks.

Email 14
I'm a psych nurse and I refer many people to your amazing site.
You did an incredible job, and I thought it was time for me to thank you.

Email 15
Hello, Lisa, I just wanted to say thank you for this great website!! I've only been on it for an hour and I'm blown away by the excellent material.
I think most of us could benefit from DBT! Thank you for your time and consideration and creating this website.

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