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It seems like 'instant' and 'mindfulness' should not go together. But the purpose of practicing Mindfulness is so that ultimately, no matter what happens in your life, you have a way to become grounded. It can help you to break your state of mind, which is the first step to 'wise mind.'
Most of the videos are mine (except as posted) and I will continue to add more when they are ready.

Be Mindful of Breath
Be Mindful of Feet
Be Mindful of Hands
River Rock Mindfulness
Be a Tree
Susan Gregg Mindfulness Video
Overcoming Panic States:
Panic States: Radical Acceptance
Wave of Emotions
Distress Tolerance: Turning the Mind
Visual Encouragement
Be a Flower NEW!

About the Audio files
Some of these media files can be downloaded to your computer so that they are accessible to you at any time. You could put all the mp3 files together and burn them into a CD or add them to your iPod for your convenience.

Progressive muscle relaxation (download)
by Brent Meninger
Half smile and Serenity (download)
by Brent Menninger
Guided Meditation
by Peter Russell
Three Minute Meditation (download only - does not play)
by Peter Russell
Downloadable Meditation
by Susan Gregg
by Susan Gregg (online)

Everything you can imagine is real.
- Pablo Picasso

About the YouTube Videos
Mindfulness is not necessarily 'meditation,' although it can be. Mindfulness is more of an acute awareness of the moment. DBT encourages accepting reality rather than hiding from it (except in those cases in which hiding IS the most effective way to distract from a crisis).

I've broken down these links into relaxation, affirmation, or mindfulness videos, and some of them overlap.**

Mindfulness Videos on YouTube

Guided Relaxation Meditation Videos on YouTube

Affirmation Videos on YouTube

**WARNING: YouTube uses cookies to track information about how each video is being used. Elsewhere, there are no cookies on this site. Also, some of the videos contain advertising.

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