Instant Access DBT

You can use your mobile device to help you with your DBT practice.

As I become aware of new mobile device apps created specifically for DBT, I will include them here. If I am able to test the apps or if my 'official group of app testers' are able to review them, then you will find complete information about the app as well as stories about how the app was or was not helpful to a DBT participant. Hopefully, this will improve your experience with the app.

If the app has not been tested, you will find a link to the application developer's website.

If you are an app developer, you can
email me for inclusion on this site.

DBT Self-Help
Full practice app

New! - DBT Self-Help is now available on Android!

Suicide prevention

DBT Diary
Diary card practice

DBT Review
DBT skills list

DBT Diary Card and Skills Coach
Diary card practice
This app hasn't been reviewed because I don't have the correct device, however you will find reviews for it on
iTunes. IP, IPP

Device Key
IP = iPhone, IPT = iPod Touch, IPP = iPad, AD = Android, BB = Blackberry

*Note: Neither the owner of this website nor Marsha Linehan or other DBT-related institutions necessarily approve of, sponsor or condone these apps. Their design and content are the property and responsibility of the individual companies who created them.

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