Here is the letter I received from Guilford Press late in the afternoon on Tuesday, September 5:

Dear Lisa Dietz,

Guilford Publications, Inc. is copyright proprietor of the work Linehan, Skills Training Manual for Treating Borderline Personality Disorder. It has come to our attention that you have used without our permission numerous pages of material from that work on the website

The materials in question are the handouts from our work that are posted on your website. We demand that you remove all such pages from the website immediately. As you may know, the infringement of copyright in a work can trigger numerous remedies, including money damages (which can be enhanced for willful infringement), disgorgement of profits, confiscation and destruction, injunction and attorney’s fees. Many of these remedies are also available against even innocent redistributes of infringing material. These sanctions show the importance with which the law views proprietary rights, and you should guide your conduct with respect to Guilford’s material - indeed, to the material of all publishers - in that light. While Guilford customarily permits the incidental duplication of forms for use with individual purchasers’ own patients, your use far exceeds that limited permission. A search of our files show no one from your organization ever contacted us to ask if the material could be used. If you contend that you have received some permission from Guilford, please provide evidence of same.

Authors generally apply to Guilford for permission to use its copyrighted material for which we may charge a fee, by submitting requests in writing to the address above. No use of our material is permitted while we are processing such requests because the grant of any permission will be deemed to have been granted in the absence of a written confirmation of the grant from Guilford, the author’s written adherence to the terms and restriction of the permission, and the author’s payment of any required fee. We are prepared to review any such request that you might make, but that is necessarily upon your compliance with the demands made in this letter and satisfactory resolution of the claim that exists because of your illegal use to date.

Because of the seriousness of the above claim of copyright infringement, I suggest that you consult with counsel as you review the situation.

Very truly yours,
Kathy Kuehl
Permissions Manager

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