Building Positive Attitudes

Visual Affirmations
Visual Cheerleading Statements

Secondary DBT Group Handouts

Diary Cards
Levels of Validation
Examples of Validation and Invalidation
Flow Chart: Response Options to Emotional Distress
Flow Chart: Being Mindful with Emotional Distress
Improve the Moment Worksheet NEW!
Cognitive Distortions
Behavior Chain Analysis
Foods that Affect Moods
Alternate Rebellion Ideas

Post-DBT Groups

The Day After DBT NAMI Group

Interesting Articles

The Other Side of the Couch: Another Perspective on DBT and PTSD
Does DBT Really Cure BPD?
What is Self Improvement?
The Brain and Meditation
Borderline Personality Disorder Criteria
Questions and Answers

Crisis Management

Instant Mindfulness
Dealing with Overwhelm NEW!
Panic List for Distress Tolerance
12 Good Mood Builders of Christmas
Emotion Regulation for the Holidays
The 25 Ways to Help Someone in Crisis.

DBT in Visual Formats

The BPD Tool
Elf Help
Flash Cards
DBT Overview from Middle-Path

The ideas that have lighted my way have been kindness, beauty and truth.
- Albert Einstein

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