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Instructional Videos on YouTube

What is Mindfulness 2:00
Peaceful and friendly definition of mindfulness aimed at clients.

What is Mindfulness? 1:20
Fun and Easy Mindfulness definition.

We Live Love Mindfully 5:08
This video is about how the people live at ,Plum Village, in France, a monastery set up by Thich Naht Hahn. It shows many practical ways of practicing mindfulness in daily life. It seem utopian.

Thich Naht Hahn Talks about the Definition of Mindfulness 6:10
Although his accent might be hard for some people to understand, this is a very meaningful and succint example of mindfulness by the Vietnamese monk. I like his instruction to smile with every exhale.

Stop: A Short Mindfulness Practice 3:55
Short practice and definition of mindfulness.

Believe in Yourself 3:08
A bit talky, but inspirational.

Meaning, Purpose and Practice of Mindfulness 9:29
Lots of reading from a traditional Buddhist perspective. Nevertheless, the information is helpful and interesting.

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Coming to our Senses 9:15
Exerpts from an inspirational lecture by Jon Kabbat Zinn, PhD to a general audience about the meaning of mindfulness.

Breathing Meditation 5:14
This is an older video before Thich Naht Hahn was fluent in English. His words are translated by an Asian woman with a heavy accent. If you can sift through the interpretation issues, his words are very helpful regarding the meditation of following your breath.

What is Borderline Personality Disorder' 7:38
Deborah Legge, PhD, CRC, LMHC calls herself "The Video Therapist." She describes BPD in a validating, non-judgmental way to clients.

The following videos are by Marsha Linehan from a workshop called 'Awakening to Mindfulness: Buddhism and Psychology' in San Diego. She is speaking to a group of psychology professionals, but it is also educational for anyone interested in BPD and DBT and Mindfulness.

Mindfulness Skills & DBT II 3:27

Mindfulness Skills & DBT III 5:37

Mindfulness Skills & DBT IV 6:09

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