Dealing with Depression

I've been so depressed lately. I don't feel like doing anything or going anywhere. I feel like I'm falling into a pit.

I'm sorry that you're having such a hard time. My best suggestions are:
First, don't run away from the despair. In my experience it goes away faster when I don't panic but just allow myself to feel really crummy (Radically Accept).
2. Change your expectations. Don't expect yourself to do what you were doing before. Take this as a time out  just as if you were getting the flu (Be Effective).
3. Spend lots of time on self comfort -- read a good book, watch a funny movie, take a bath, work on a project, whatever (Distract and Self-soothe).

4. Get plenty of rest and DON'T watch violent TV. Eat as well as possible. (PLEASE)
5. Be as gentle and compassionate on yourself as you can. Forgive yourself. Say affirmations even if they sound empty and hollow (do it morbidly if you must). See yourself as you would see another person who was hurting, or see yourself from the point of view of a benevolent power (like God), and have compassion.
6. Remember, you will not always feel like this. It will pass.
- Lisa

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