Dennis Merritt Jones

On Thursday, June 9th Dennis is launching his new book, The Art of Uncertainty. (click the title for more information)

The Art of Uncertainty draws upon the wisdom of many well respected contemporary teachers. With the message this book brings, Dennis has high hopes that it will find its way into the hands of many people beyond the New Thought movement. (The Chinese language rights have already been sold.) Because of this book
Dennis has also been invited by the editor of the Huffington Post to become a blogger on their site. That has been his intention all along; to take our New Thought teaching to the the people who are looking for us but don't know (yet) how to find us! To help make that happen he has also provided a four week Small Group Study Guide which is available as a free PDF download on his website: (Just place your cursor over the image of the book and a drop down menu will appear.)You can also download the Study Guide directly from this site by clicking the link.

The book offers practical, spiritual tools that will help anyone who is brought to the edge of uncertainty to lean over with faith and confidence, knowing there is something within them that knows how to transcend any fear about the future. There is no area of our lives where we are not forced to step onto the pathway of uncertainty at one point or another whether it be in our relationships, our careers, our physical health or our finances. The purpose of the book is to assist the reader in entering the mystery consciously and intentionally every day. With its "Points to Ponder" and "Mindfulness Practices" at the end of each chapter, Dennis hopes you will consider The Art of Uncertainty the perfect guidebook on how to step into the mystery of life and love it. Please see the
attached PDF file for more information on the book.

From the Author of this website:
I've known Dennis for many years via email and he has a spirit that spans the Universe. He is kind, generous and authentic and it comes out in his writing. No matter the subject, problem or situation he encounters, he will always bring compassion and a positive attitude. It's downright catchy.

Now that he has retired from ministry he focuses on writing and speaking engagements.

The following articles and Mindfulness Exercises were written by Dennis Merritt Jones, D.D.

Listen to the Silence
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Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say
What You Think of Me
To Assume. . .
Give it your Personal Best!
You Can't Force an Apple to Grow
When Unexpected Visitors Come Knocking
What Defines Your Wholeness?
Argue for Your Limitations and They are Yours
Compassion: The Bridge Between our Hearts
Getting to No You
Holding On to Resentment Only Holds You Hostage
Life Flows

Dennis Merritt Jones is the author of the updated version of THE ART OF BEING, 101 Ways To Practice Purpose In Your Life. Click the link for more information about him.
You can
click here to view a pdf brochure about his book.

And to purchase the book on Amazon,
click here.

Click here to download Dr. Jones' free e-book, 'The Seven Be-Attitudes.'

Today, be aware of how you are spending your 1,440 beautiful moments, and spend them wisely.

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