DBT in Motion
DBT In Motion is a resource for new research in DBT, controversial issues with DBT and BPD and some OpEd articles from people concerned about the DBT community and direction
Fighting Stigma:Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Wellness for Law Enforcement Personnel
by Simone Hoermann, Ph.D
Coming Out of the Psycho Closet
Kiera Van Gelder
Are Borderlines more Passionate?
Tami Green
What Not To Say to a Person in Crisis
Lisa Dietz
Managing Deliberate Self Harm
by Stuart Sorensen

Note 1: The opinions expressed in these articles are the opinions of the authors and do not necessarily agree with any of the other authors on the website, people in the DBT Community including Marsha Linehan and other Professionals. Take them for what they are: Opinions.

*Note 2: If you would like to contribute an article in one of the three categories above, please visit the Contributions Page or contact Lisa.

Be in the spaces between your thoughts - Susan Gregg

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