The rules regarding copyrights are dependent on which materials you use and how you want to use them.

Personal Private Use
You may print or download the materials here for your private personal use without obtaining permissions. You cannot make copies with the intention of distributing them.

Use for Distribution
If you intend to distribute the materials, use them as teaching aids, or include them with other publications, please follow the guidelines in the column to the right based on which materials you desire.

The Articles
All the articles were written by professionals and are copyrighted by the authors and reprinted here by permission. To use those articles for distribution, you must write to the individual authors for permission.

The Mindfulness Exercises
Currently, all the exercises were written by Dr. Dennis Merritt Jones. You will find links to his book and his websites in that section. Dr. Jones allows free copying and distributing of his materials, but I recommend that you inquire first to be safe.

The Downloadable Handouts
These handouts were generously released for public domain by Marsha Linehan. You may use them freely without obtaining permission.

The DBT Skills and Lessons
Although there are no authors listed on these materials, I request that you note somewhere on the reproductions that the source of the writing originates from You cannot claim authorship, but you may distribute them without permission.

Everyday DBT
You may print and distribute all the 'Extras' documents. However, please email me to ask for permission to use my essays in 'Arthor Articles' or the emails in the 'Q & A' section.

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