Combatting Fear

Combating Fear

I started with a new DBT group and DBT therapist. I feel like I know more about DBT than the therapist and I'm afraid of what's going to happen. I feel like quitting.

Can you use the DBT skills to combat your fear? You could use mindfulness to help you stay in the moment and let go of your fear of the future. The fear may come to mind repeatedly, but when you recognize that you're thinking about it, very gently let it fall away. Do not judge yourself for thinking it or the thought itself. It is just there and now you are going to turn your mind to the present instead. Simple observation of thoughts is the most grounding DBT skill I have ever used.

Another skill you might use is radical acceptance. Accept that you have fear regarding the future with the DBT group and therapy. Accept that it is unknown. Accept that you don't like it being unknown. Accept that you cannot do anything about it at this time since it doesn't exist yet (it is only a possibility of the future).

You might also try Pros and Cons. You could make a list of all the reasons you are choosing DBT therapy and all the fears you associate with it. See if the positives outweigh the negatives.

You might try using an emotion regulation skill to discover the source of your fear and determine some options for helping yourself in understanding that source and perhaps find some more comforting and productive ways to handle your emotion.

- Lisa

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