Changes to Website

On March 14th, 2010, this website was updated in the following ways:

New Section: Connecting Skills
This section allows you to navigate through this website via DBT Skills. When you click on the link, you will be able to find all locations of that skill on this website.

New Section: Well Said!
In this section specific authors are highlighted whose works I like and pertain to DBT and mental health.

New Section: Elf Help
These images are printed by permission from Abbey Press. They come from parts of two of the Elf Help book series, 'Be Good to Yourself Therapy' by Cherry Hartman and 'Slow down Therapy' by Linus Mundy, both books illustrated  by R.W. Alley.

New Section: Flash Cards
I received these flash cards as part of my DBT training. They serve as helpful reminders to keep track of how you are using skills.

New Section: About this Website
This section pertains to the administrative part of this website, including the mission statement.

New Section: The BPD Tool
This is a new and innovative approach to treating borderline personality disorder. It is a tool that gives clients and clinicians a way to collaborate.

New Section: Instant Mindfulness
This section links to many different multimedia forms of mindfulness practice.

New Section: The Self Help Myth
As enthusiastic as we were in 2001 about developing peer-led ongoing DBT groups, this section explains why we were unsuccessful with this effort.

New Section: YouTube Mindfulness Videos (embedded)
Pebble for your Pocket Meditation
Call Me by my True Names
The First Mindfulness Training
Mindfulness in the Here and Now
Mindfulness with a Bonsai Tree
Mindfulness on Waves
Mindful Movements
Walking Meditation

New Section: YouTube Meditation Videos (embedded)
Visualizing Tranquility
Ocean Guided Meditation
Waterfall Meditation
Love Meditation
Relaxation Therapy

New Section: YouTube Affirmation Videos (embedded)
Mindfulness Affirmation
My Daily Affirmation

Completely Modified Section: LINKS
Professional Organizations
Sites by Clients
Recommended Books
Recommended YouTube Educational Videos (embedded)
What is Mindfulness?
What is Mindfulness (short)?
We Live Love Mindfully
A Short Mindfulness Practice
Believe in Yourself
Meaning, Purpose and Practice of Mindfulness
Coming to our Senses
Breathing Meditation
What is BPD?
Mindfulness Skills & DBT II
Mindfulness Skills & DBT III
Mindfulness Skills & DBT IV

New Section: Panic States (more videos to come)
Panic States: Radical Acceptance

Mindfulness Practice Videos by Lisa Dietz
Be Mindful of Your Breath
Be Mindful of Your Feet
Be Mindful of Your Hands
River Rock Mindfulness

Meditation: Susan Gregg
Online meditation video (Mindfulness practice)
Downloadable audio meditation
Online audio meditations

Audio Meditation Downloads
3-minute mindfulness download by Peter Russell
Half-smile Serenity by Brent Meninger
Progressive Relaxation by Brent Meninger

Author: Stuart Sorensen
Understanding Recovery
Understanding Stress and Vulnerability
Anger management
Anxiety management
Earned Depression
Managing Deliberate Self Harm
Taking Responsibility for your own life

Author: Dennis Merritt Jones (new docs listed)
What Defines your Wholeness?
Argue for Your Limitations and They are Yours (Mindfulness practice)
Compassion: The Bridge to Your Heart
Getting to No You (Mindfulness practice)
Holding On to Resentment (Mindfulness practice)
Life Flows

Author: Brent Menninger
Effectively (Alternate skills lesson)
Non-Judgmentally (Alternate skills lesson)
One Mindfully (Alternate skills lesson)
Participate (Alternate skills lesson)
What skills (Alternate skills lesson)
Wise Mind (Alternate skills lesson)
Autogenic exercise (audio) (Mindfulness practice)
Half smile serenity (audio) (Mindfulness practice)
Effectively use (Alternate skills lesson)
Equinamity and mindfulness (Alternate skills lesson)
Radical acceptance (Alternate skills lesson)
Turning the Mind (Alternate skills lesson)
Willfulness (Alternate skills lesson)

Author: Kiera Van Gelder
Buddha & the Borderline
Visual DBT Overview

Author: Tami Green
Are Borderlines more passionate?
BPD 101
How it Feels inside my brain
12 good mood builders for Christmas
How BPD Forms in a Child (YouTube video)

Author: Lisa Dietz (new docs listed)
Preparing for the DBT Experience
Practicing Observing (Mindfulness practice)

New Lessons
Pros and Cons

Diary Card Examples
Diary Card #5
Example of using a diary card

Other New Documents
Validation Examples
What is Self Improvement?
The Brain and Meditation
Mission Statement
BPD Criterion

Overviews by Professionals
Helping Someone with BPD
DBT in a nutshell

For DBT Pros:
DBT Summary of Data
Recommended Reading list
Options for further DBT training

About BPD:
BPD facts sheet
A BPD Brief

Visual Affirmations
I believe in myself
I always do my best
I follow my dreams
I am fair and just toward others
I know that God is always with me
I acknowledge my goodness
I?m grateful for all that I've been given
I am honest with myself and others
I am intelligent
I love myself
I pay attention to my spirituality
I am getting stronger every day
I am talented
I am a worthwhile person

Visual Cheerleading
Asking for help
Dealing with Anxiety
Can't Control Others
I will Be Calm
Pleasing People
The Richness of Life

Website Awards
Killer Startups
Excellent Resource Seal

Other Edits and Updates
Updated Home Page
Updated Contact Page
Updated Copyright Page
Lessons edited by Cecilia Mills
Reorganization of Skills materials
Corrected Lessons links and correct printer friendly pages
Broken Links fixed
Visual Organization/Color Menu changes
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Updates Planned for next year:
More Lessons
DBT Lessons in Video Formats
More 'Panic States' videos
Website Translated to Spanish
Articles by Kiera Van Gelder
A New Section relating DBT to 'The Four Agreements'

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