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ASK: Suicide Prevention

Participant review is at the bottom.

This app is a freely-distributable and non-proprietary suicide prevention app developed by the training program called ASK, sponsored by the Texas Department of State Health Services.
We urge you to take a moment and download this app from the iTunes Store or Android Marketplace, because when you or your friends are in crisis, a shortcut to the right help can make a huge difference in its outcome. To visit the mobile ASK website, direct your mobile browser to

 Learn easy steps to help prevent suicide in your community right now.

DBT Participant review:

While this is technically not a DBT app, it should be. Anyone who has had difficulties with depression or mental illness or knows others who do, then why not keep app available on your mobile device. . . just in case.

In the days when I struggled with thoughts of suicide, if I had had someone to call who was a professional and who was compassionate, I think I would have been able to save myself a greate deal of anguish.

I think it's a 'must have' for all medical professionals.

AND it works on ALL the mobile devices,
AND it's free!

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