12 Good Mood Builders of Christmas

By Tami Green

1. Eat healthier foods. Uh huh. Ya, right. Note: I did not say "healthy", as in, "don't even look at unless it is celery." I said "healthier," as in, "I'll have three cookies and a glass of milk instead of a dozen or so and a Coke."

2. Reduce alcohol and caffeine. If you can cut them out completely, even better. Since I have coffee beans on the top of this newsletter, you might guess what my personal practice is.

3. Be gentle and compassionate with yourself and others. Give yourself a vacation from observing what irks you about yourself and your relationships and do some really nice stuff for each other. No strings attached.

4. Be silly and laugh! I mean it. Play Twister, watch the movie that always makes you laugh, send someone a funny YouTube video or pop loud bubbles with bubblegum (especially if you weren't allowed to do that growing up.)

5. Utilize good scents and lighting to set a good mood. Picture: white twinkle lights, a dozen scented candles, and a roaring fire. Who could possible stay upset in that scene?

6. Get a manicure or pedicure. Make sure a massaging chair is involved, the water is just right, and you either a) catch up on all the latest "trash magazines" or b) close your eyes and just melt away.

7. Wash your hair and style it. I just can not stay miserable when I'm having a really good hair day. True that.

8. Shave. This applies to male or female. If you have a beard: trim.

9. Take a long, hot bath or shower. Looooonnnngggg.... and until the hot water runs out. (Unless your sister is waiting in line for her turn.)

10. Take a walk. It is more like stroll, leisurely. You can go brisk if you'd like, but that usually creates more stress for me.

11. Pray. Pour it all out there. Tears and begging optional but can be highly effective when necessary.

12. Listen to your favorite song. Play it loud, all through the house, while dancing with abandon (think Tom Cruise dancing in his underwear in Risky Business.) I'd suggest that you play your music loud while driving fast, with the top down, which always does it for me. But it's December, it's illegal to go that fast (though maybe I have once or twice by accident), and hardly anyone has a convertible on hand.

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