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This website is a service for people who are seeking information about DBT (Dialectal Behavior Therapy).

This site was written primarily by PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN THROUGH DBT, not DBT professionals. For this reason, consider the source of any given document. We cannot give advice, but we can talk about our experiences on our DBT journey. In this regard, I hope we can help one another.


If you are looking for a DBT provider in your area, you can also click here, to view resources set up before the above database.

If you are in a crisis, please dial 911. The website owner is legally unable to advise.

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Thank you for supporting this website for the past 11 years. Because of your input, exchange of information and donations, you are making a difference in the lives of many people.
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Everyday DBT is a mix of the most requested information as well as my thoughts on ways to keep DBT alive in our day-to-day work.

Well Said!
Articles about DBT, Mental Health, BPD and related materials. This section represents some of my favorite internet authors whose writing is both helpful and conversational.

DBT Video Text is an unofficial text from videos by Marsha Linehan describing DBT skills. You can purchase the videos at this link to Behavioral Tech LLC.

The BPD Tool New!
A fun visual method for learning the DBT skills. The group also includes training and coaching. In this section, youíll find a few examples from their website. Additionally, they have just published a fun and useful DBT Quick Reference Card that is free to download!

Diary Cards
Find a variety of Diary card formats that you can download and adapt to your needs as well as an explanation about the purpose of the cards and practical ways to use them.

DBT Skills (defined)
This is a brief overview of the skills. In-depth explanations will return soon.

Connecting Skills
This section is a list of ALL THE DBT SKILLS with links to every document on this website where there is more information about the skill! It is very useful for navigating this website and improving your understanding of the skills.

AT LAST! (7/22/14)


I appreciate your patience.

I so appreciate the love and support and condolences sent to me by many of you over the passing of my son last year. It has indeed been a very difficult time for me. Since 2005 when I had a traumatic brain injury, he took over the tech support on this site and that made it double hard for me to come back to it. Doing technical work caused panic attacks. But I've worked through it.

There's so much I'm excited to be presenting over the next year so keep checking back. Things are rolling once again. People with interest in DBT at a peer level - whether you're waiting to start a group, in the middle of a group or a graduate, you'll find new ways to stay current, inspired and alternate methods for understanding the skills.

Please note the new Worldwide DBT Provider Directory on the left. This is the first test of this database created in partnership with Please give the widget a try and please send me an email if you would like to make any comments or suggestions or if you have difficulties or questions. We will consider your ideas before the ďfinalĒ directory widget is established. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

If you are a DBT provider and would like to sign up to be in the directory (please note the new code is TRIAL602014DBT),
click here for instructions. Or, in January, if you have requested to be on the update list or have made previous email contact, you will receive an email invitation and special for becoming part of what I hope will soon be an invaluable tool to the many, many potential DBT clients who would like to participate in a DBT program or work with a DBT Therapist.

I know it's so easy to think:

You might be surprised that YOU CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE if you're willing to be responsible for making it work


Make DBTSelfHelp YOUR website by taking personal responsibility to keep it Alive!

I can hardly wait until January 2013, click here for more.

Instant Mindfulness Movies
These very popular custom flash movies are aimed at helping people become more aware of the moment, calming the soul, changing mind states, or outlining the basics of a DBT skill, the following topics are currently available:
Be Mindful of Breath
Be Mindful of Feet
Be Mindful of Hands
River Rock Mindfulness
Be a Tree (the most popular!)
Radical Acceptance
Wave of Emotions
Turning the Mind
Visual Encouragement
Be a Flower

Together we are making a difference for one another!

The day-to-day stuff that works with DBT including affirmations, crisis strategies, cognitive distortions and more.

Author Articles
The author of this website shares some personal experiences about using DBT as well as essays about dealing with suffering.

Mission Statement
This statement is an explanation of why I began this website, where I see it going and how I hope it impacts visitors.

I recommend the following books for anyone who has BPD, their families and professionals.
Author and fellow BPD recoverer, Kiera Van Gelder has written an amazing insightful memoir called
The Buddha and the Borderline. For more information on Kiera and the book, click here.

The Facts: Borderline Personality Disorder by Roy Krawitz and Wendy Jackson was written by both a client and professional. The writing is very clear and accessible.

Click here if you need printing instructions

The fiber artwork featured in the banner was created by the site owner, Lisa Dietz. Click here to view a few more of her relevant artwork representing her struggle to overcome BPD.

If you would like to contribute or link to this site, please click here for more information.

DBT in Spanish will soon be available on this site from the DBT course files of Rayencura Clinica in Santiago, Chile. While youíre waiting for the update, you can email me and Iíll be happy to send you the files in a .zip attachment right away.

For a Site Map, click here.

This website was last updated on 7/22/14.

DBT Lessons were created by myself and other DBT participants based on our experiences of practicing the DBT skills.

Elf Help
Abbey Press gave permission to reprint parts of the their Elf Help books. Their size and simplicity is deceiving. They have a lot to say despite their few words and pictures. A real joy to have on hand.

Flash Cards
There are several types of flash cards to help remind you of the DBT skills. Recently added are the cards I used as a participant with a way to print your own.

Questions and Answers
Email conversations about the many aspects of trying to use DBT skills in daily life. Some of the topics are: being effective, feeling good, invalidating environments and judgmental people.

The Self Help Myth
As enthusiastic as we were in 2001 about developing peer-led ongoing DBT groups, there are reasons why we have been unable to make this dream come to fruition in an official DBT capacity.

Formal DBT Instruction
Please donít be confused by the title, ďDBT Self Help.Ē This site is not meant to replace formal DBT therapy. It is simply a place to find some helpful day-to-day DBT stuff. The materials here are suitable for refreshing or supplementing your DBT training.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy is the brain child of Marsha Linehan, Ph.D. More of her work and information about about her ongoing presence in the DBT Community can be found at The owner of this website as well as countless others owe her a debt of gratitude for her committment to people struggling with BPD.

If you are technically minded and wish to contribute your skills to this site, I am looking for someone who knows how to convert Flash movies to another format that is secure. It has come to my attention that many mobile devices cannot play Flash movies.

Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.
-- William Shakespeare, Allís Well That Ends Well

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. . . (from above) I can hardly wait until I can again start to UPDATE THE WEBSITE, including the return of the Full DBT Skills Definitions in handout formats with all original language. Also, DBT in Spanish will soon be available from the DBT course files of Rayencura Clinica in Santiago, Chile. In fact, you can now ask me to email you a zipfile of the docments.

On The Journey and DBT Artists are new upcoming sections expressing the creative writing and artwork of DBT participants. When itís ready, Iíll let you know how to contribute. Plus Iíve already written 3 new scripts for  Instant Mindfulness Flash Movies.
Further, Iím working on a
Print-On-Demand Book of this Website so you can order it and share it with your friends and clients. Yep, I mean real paper that you hold in your hands (how retro!)

Also in the works for 2013 are more
Instant Access DBT for Mobile Devices, including DBT-Oriented Blogs and new online methods for maintaining Diary Cards.

Looking for
NEW WAYS TO PRACTICE YOUR DBT SKILLS? The DBT SKILLS GAME will be introduced in its Board Game Format, which you can download. Iím still looking for a programmer to turn it into a Mobile App. More to come. . .

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