Sites by Clients
I strongly encourage people to visit these websites by people who have recovered from BPD and used their experiences to help other people.






Kiera Van Gelder

Kiera’s website is an online resource striving to provide education, advocacy and resources for those affected by BPD


A.J. Mahari


A. J. Mahari is both a professional and a client. Her website has information about BPD as well as DBT. She also hosts on online group dedicated to DBT discussions (see Focus on Clients)

Borderline Personality Support

Tami Green


Tami recovered from BPD symptoms, and became a certified life coach. She has gone public with her personal message that recovery from BPD is possible.


Echo tm

Echo has some excellent articles about Narcistic Personality Disorder as well as BPD and bi-polar. One of her articles about the criteria for BPD is on this website.

Florida BPD Association

Amanda Smith

Amanda was diagnosed with BPD and now works to promote awareness, education, and research on BPD


Kiera Van Gelder

More from Kiera

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