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DBT Diary is an app for keeping DBT notes on your mobile device. It works for IPhones, IPads, and IPod Touch. The app features a robust system that allows users to keep notes on their daily experiences and then share those notes with their therapist(s) by exporting PDFs. 

With DBT Diary, users can keep detailed track of daily urges, emotions and skills used.  Users do not have to remember to carry around a ďdairyĒ because it is right on their mobile device.

DBT Diary is customizable, allowing users to enter their own urges, emotions and skills.  DBT Diary also displays inspiring quotes to help you when times are tough.

DBT Participant Review

I found the app to be simple to use and it is effective for tracking my daily urges, my emotional mind state and the basic skills Iím using. There arenít any complicated steps so I wasnít confused and I appreciated having the diary/note function.

I think this app is especially good for beginners who are just learning how to use diary cards. Since itís on a mobile device, you donít have to hassle with finding your papers, making sure you have copies and remembering where you stored them. When a situation comes up, just turn on the iPhone and you can record your urges as they hit you.

Being able to do that ďin the momentĒ really helps to get you into the mode of thinking about DBT skills. It also makes it easier to get started with making a habit of using a diary card. Since DBT can only be effective if you practice it, thereís nothing greater than having it at your fingertips.

I wish I would have had this when I first began DBT. It would have really helped me and my therapist to start tracking the patterns of self-defeating thoughts I struggled with.

Since youíre guaranteed to succeed in DBT if you just practice it, this could have helped me with the discipline that I find difficult. Once you get that discipline going, then you can move into a more complex system. But if you start with something too complex, itís harder to be compliant.

I also liked the quotes & sayings. Sometimes the obvious is just what I need to get me out of my intensity.

- Lisa

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