These links are for companies selling products, coaching and online therapy targeted toward DBT or a related aspect of mental illness





Good Therapy

Noah Rubinstein

An organization dedicated to encouraging healthy forms of psychotherapy and one of the leading therapy and counseling referral associations on the internet.

BPD Supporters

Search engine for health related issues

New Harbinger Publications

You can sign up to receive regular catalogs of their latest books. Many of these books are about DBT including Kiera Van Gelder’s book available in July.


A site helping people throughout the US and Canada find therapy and counseling.


Tami Green

www.borderlinepersonalit rt.html#FindingFriends

Tami Green’s Books for Sale

Therapy Counseling

Mike Melen

www.therapycounseling. com

Connects you to therapists nationwide that you can search for based on specialities ments/a/IntroDBT.htm

Search engine with articles about BPD and DBT

Yellow Robe

Peter Wu

This site contains information about the Buddhism history, the Buddha, the Buddha’s teachings, practicing, and meditation methods

Forever Self Improvement



Forever Self Improvement has some interesting articles on the subject

I Need Motivation m

Sells products like self-hypnosis and guided meditation CD’s

Finding Peace of Mind

Ariel & Shya Kane


Through their self discovery approach, Ariel & Shya Kane can support you in finding peace of mind.

New information about Zoloft

Mickey Colon

According to the FDA, Lustral (Zoloft) and other SSRI medications have been linked to serious developmental side effects in infants such as ASD, VSD, and serious congenital heart deformities.

High School Diploma Online



At your pace, you can earn your own high school diploma online, without having to step foot inside of a classroom.

Spiritual Quest

Provides a wide variety of natural crystal salt lamps and other natural Himalayan salt crystals and organic related works of art

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